Documentation & Attestation

Export Documentaion and Attesting

Contact for the following:
1) Foreign Trade Promotion.
2) Export Documentation.
3) Issuance of Certificate of Origin.
4) Attestation & Legalization of Export / Import Documents as per the L/C terms.
5) Business Visa Assistance.
6) Opening up of Overseas Offices.
7) Export Finance.
8) Arbitration / Legal Disputes.
9) Recovery of Export Proceeds.
10) L/C Discrepancy.

We provide best of the class Export Documentation without hassles... Be in touch with us and see how easy export documentation will be for you...

Authorised by the Department of Commerce (RMTR Section), Government of India to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Professional) as mentioned in Appendix 4C of The Handbook of Procedures, Volume 1 of Foreign Trade Policy. Every month more than 6000 documents are attested by us.

Those who wish to attest their documents have to execute an Indemnity Bond on a Hundered Rupee Stamp Paper. It need not be notarized. It is one time procedure. On receipt of the Bond will provide the executor of Bond a registration number, which has to be referred for every attestation.

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